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Tots grew up in Isabella, Minnesota, along with Ivy, Iva, Ike, Irish, Ian, Inka, Ira, and her best friend, Robin. Similarly to Robin, Tots loves food and is always looking for an opportunity to earn (or find) a treat. She is extremely cuddly, and often lays down outside waiting for a belly rub. Tots and her roommate, Robin, are super friendly and always excited to go out and play.


During her racing days, Tots preferred to be in the middle of the pack rather than right up front. Along with her kennel mates, she participated in the 2018 Fur Rondy this past February. This is the biggest sprint race for competitive mushers. Usually, though, she ran in races that spanned 10 miles with a total of 18 dogs. She also did some shorter ones, which were 4 miles long, with 5 other dogs. Tots only had a month off from regular running prior to her arrival at Cornell.


Tots is up to date on her physical, she loves the treadmill training and has already participated in cognitive tests, where she showed profound interest in toys.

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