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Name: Sugar

Gender: Female 

Birth Year: 2009


Sugar came all the way from Minnesota, along with Wanda, Lightning, Fabio, Inca, Tater, Totter, Foz, Natalie, Newt, and Lady. She is a small, super shy girl. She really prefers to spend time on her own, but with lots of time and patience, she has warmed up to her new people. She is still cautious and never lets herself be the center of attention, but she is making progress toward opening up. She likes to spend some quiet time outside with her friend group, and she likes time with humans if it’s one on one and not too overwhelming. 


Before joining our team, Sugar was on a team that did 5 mile tours. The team consisted of about 10 dogs, and the tours happened between one and three times per day. Sugar was not a natural leader but performed well as a wheel dog. The year before coming to Cornell, she was semi-retired, so she ran only once per day, maximally three times per week. 

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