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Comparative placebo-controlled clinical study of efficacy of reverse transcriptase inhibitor for health improvement and prevention of age-related diseases in aging sled dogs

We initiated a clinical trial where inhibition of retrobiome activity will be tested as an anti-aging and cancer-prevention approach in 8-11 year old “retired” sled dogs. We have recruited  102 dogs from kennels across North America and accommodated them at Cornell University Veterinary School

When participating dogs arrive at Vaika’s kennel, they are subjected to a complete health check. This includes tests defining their immune system performance , check for possible tumors and sites of arthritis; determination of locomotor activity and exercising  potential and genetic analysis for baseline activity of retrobiome

What happens at Cornell University?

The following parameters are evaluated at the baseline and at several time-points during treatment:


Existing conditions:

Physical performance: 

Immune function:

Cognitive function:

Retrobiome  state:

Cancer, heart disease, arthritis

Treadmill, pull test

T-cell activity, cytokine levels

Object recognition, playfulness

DNA test


  • Randomization

  • 50/50 Drug/Placebo


Cognitive tests

  • Endurance

  • Frailty/ Resilience

  • Changes in cytokines levels upon physical activity

  • Cognitive dysfunction tests

  • Behavior issues


Immune tests

  • State of innate immunity

  • State of adaptive immunity

What happens at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center?

DNA test = Status of Retrobiome​

  • Age-dependence

  • Correlation with diseases, frailty and longevity

What will this study bring?

To Dogs:

  • Happy senior life

Our animals will spend their elderly years under attention of THE best specialists in dogs health.

  • Extended healthspan

We believe that proposed treatment will significantly postpone the time of the onset of aging related diseases, therefore making dogs healthy life longer

  • Extended lifespan

We believe that under the treatment dogs will live not only happier and healthier, but longer

To Humans:

  • Friends will stay

Our ultimate goal is to learn how to extend life of mammals, so that our friends can stay with us longer

  • Unique knowledge on biology of aging 

We will learn study mechanisms of immune system exhaustion and genetic ground of age-related diseases 

  • Clues for life-extension

We will learn if suggested approach is capable of life extension

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