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Name: Schooner 

Gender: Male 

Birth Year: 2009


Schooner is a gentle giant that came to us from his kennel in Alaska all by himself. He quickly became friends with Copper, Fatso, Tonks, Polly, and Typhoon, and now this group gets along super well and plays outside together. Schooner is a huge sweetheart - he loves people and pets and he is one of our bigger dogs. He has been great at the treadmill from the start, which we have found isn’t the case for several of the other bigger dogs, as it takes them a little longer to find their balance. 

Schooner is among those dogs that love spending time with novel people in our behavior tests (see yourself)


Before going our team, Schooner performed tours over the summer. Although he was not a natural leader, he could perform the leading role if he had to! 

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