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Robin is quite a character. She hails from Isabella, Minnesota, where she grew up alongside Ivy, Iva, Inka, Ira, Ian, Ike, Irish, and her best pal, Tots. Robin loves food – she checks behind every corner and door and double checks every bowl she walks past to make sure nobody left a kibble or two in there. Robin also likes to carry around toys, and will sometimes play fetch! If no toys are around, she will readily do the same with a stick. She also loves to be pet by her new people and presses herself against anyone who is available to snuggle! Robin’s roommate and bestie is Tots, who is very similar to Robin.


During her sled dog days, Robin did not like to lead the group, but was a great team player and always followed the leader well. Along with our other dogs from Isabella, she typically participated in 10 mile runs with 17 other dogs, but occasionally ran in a 4 mile race with 5 others. She and her kennel-mates competed in the Fur Rondy, or the “Super Bowl” of sled dog racing, in February of 2018, and only had one month off from running prior to coming to Cornell in late May.


Robin has had a physical exam and is now trained to master the treadmill.


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