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We now have 57 Dogs!

Vaika picks up retired sled dogs from all over the country. Here's the map of kennels, where our dogs used to leave prior to joining Vaika:

Where dogs come from

How do we transport them? Mainly using this dog-truck. His name is Stanley and he can accommodate up to 16 dogs and 3 humans. The longest trip Stanley made so far was from Ithaca to Seattle and back. Cages are covered with fresh hay. Dogs love Stanley as they expect him to deliver them to racing - their favorite activity.


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MIT Technology Review has published a long-read featuring three research groups, the Vaika team among them, that are seeking to understand and improve dogs’ aging. The article summarizes the different

Follow us to be aware of our latest news and updates. You’ll keep up with what’s hot in veterinary science and antiaging research. And, of course, you’ll see what’s going on at our kennel with our fou

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