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Newt is a shy, sweet boy that came to us from Oregon along with Ladybug, Stallion, Sugar, Foz, Totter, Tater, Inca, Natalie, Lightning Bug, Fabio, and Wanda. He was extremely shy and a bit nervous at first, but he has become great friends with his new playgroup, loves sharing his kennel with Ladybug, and has become more comfortable around his new people. He loves running down the hallway to go outside and is always happy and playful during playtime.

Prior to coming to Cornell, Newt was on a team that did short distance runs and tours. The teams usually consisted of 10 dogs. They did, on average, 5 mile loops which took about one hour. Each dog ran anywhere between one and three times per day. Newt preferred to be a wheel dog rather than a leader. The year that he joined our team, his running season ended in April, so he had a few months off before moving to Cornell.

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