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Name: Munch

Gender: Male

Birth Year: 2009


            Munch is a big boy who joined our team from Alaska along with Mayor, Smooth, and Michelle. He and Smooth are very similar looking, but Munch is a little bigger and a little less wiggly than Smooth. Munch is super friendly and loves hanging out outside with his playgroup, which consists of Michelle, Smooth, Mayor, Sugar, Lady, and Wanda. Like the rest of his crew, Munch is a pretty good listener. He is also quickly excelling at the training we do here on our treadmill!

            Before he became a Cornellian, Munch was a s long distance sled dog. He and his team ran the Iditarod, which spans over 1,000 miles through the Alaskan terrain. He was a great athlete and ran well in a leading position. Hi team did some training in the months prior to his arrival out east, so he is in pretty good shape!

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