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Birth Year: 2008

Gender: Female 


Michelle is a friendly, happy girl who came to us all the way from Alaska along with Mayor, Munch, and Smooth. She loves spending time outside and gets along with just about everyone! She does a good job on the treadmill, and is overall a great listener! When she first arrived, she was extremely vocal and liked to "sing" in a very high pitched voice, but has quieted down and gets most of her energy out outside these days! 

Michelle is among those dogs that love spending time with novel people in our behavior tests (see yourself)

Prior to moving to Cornell, Michelle and her team were distance runners. She was a natural born leader, and was an excellent athlete. So much so, that she and her team ran the Iditarod, one of the most famous and difficult races in the sled dog world, which spans over 1,000 miles through the Alaska terrain

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