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Iva is a shy, sweet girl who came from Isabella, Minnesota, where she was raised by the same musher as Ivy, Ira, Ike, Irish, Ian, Inka, Robin, and Tots. She was initially very timid, but has gotten to know her new people pretty well and now loves scratches behind the ear and stretching her legs outside! Iva’s best friend and roommate is Ivy. These two girls stick close together when they go play outside and like to snuggle up to each other in their room.


As a sled dog, Iva preferred to follow a strong leader, but was able to step up to the challenge of leading the team when she needed to. Her musher did sprint races, typically running a team of 12 dogs for 10 miles. She also participated in some smaller classes, where 6 dogs ran for 4 miles. She participated in the Super Bowl of sled dog racing, the Fur Rondy, in February of 2018 with her kennel mates, and only had one month off from training before arriving at Cornell in late May.


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