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Inka has one of the biggest personalities. He comes from Isabella, Minnesota, with his friends Ian, Irish, Ike, Ivy, Iva, Ira, Robin, and Tots. Inka absolutely loves to snuggle and gets along with all people. He also enjoys meeting new dogs and is an active player. One of his trademark activities is to dig holes to bury his toys around the yard. According to his former human, he got his name because he looks like a jar of ink spilled on him! Inka’s roommate and buddy is Ian, and these two boys get along very well because of their similarly playful personalities.


Because of his big bold personality, Inka always did best as a leader. He and his team normally ran 10 mile races with 18 dogs total, and sometimes shorter, 4 mile races, with 6 total dogs. This past February, Inka and his friends ran in what’s known as the Super Bowl of sled dog racing, the Fur Rondy. This race, held in Anchorage, Alaska, is the biggest spring race for competitive mushers. Before coming to Cornell in late May, Inka had one month off from training.

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