Ike comes from Isabella, Minnesota, along with his best friend Irish, as well as Ivy, Iva, Ira, Ian, Inka, Robin, and Tots. Ike is a little shy, but very friendly. He loves to spend time with his best buddy Irish. The two are usually inseparable, and were harnessed next to each other on runs. Now they run in stride with one another even when playing in the yard.


As a racing dog, Ike was a natural born leader. He usually participated in an 18 dog team that ran 10 mile races, or a 6 dog team that ran 4 mile races. This past February, Ike ran in the Fur Rondy, known as the Super Bowl of sled dog racing for being the biggest spring race for competitive mushers. Ike had one month off from training before coming to Cornell.


Ike has passed his physical exam, and began training for treadmill along with his friends.

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