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Name: Foz

Gender: Male 

Birth Year: 2009


Foz came to Cornell from Minnesota with a big group - Wanda, Lightning, Fabio, Inca, Tater, Totter, Natalie, Sugar, Newt, and Lady. For is a very energetic happy guy. He is known for his very, very loud signing voice that he uses whenever he’s excited to go outside! It is very high pitched and impossible to miss. Outside, Foz loves to run around and keep using his special signing voice. He is friendly with everyone and overall a pretty carefree guy!


Before coming to Cornell, Foz was on a team of ten dogs that did daily tours. The tours were five miles long and usually lasted around one hour. They happened between one and three times per day. Foz performed his best as a wheel dog rather than a leader. 

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