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Name: Fabio 

Gender: Male 

Birth Year: 2007 


Fabio hails from Minnesota along with Wanda, Natalie, Lightning, Inca, Tater, Totter, Foz, Sugar, Newt, and Lady. Despite a malformed tendon on his front leg, Fabio is a super active, happy guy. He doesn’t participate in treadmill or weight pull training because of his leg, but he loves to play outside with all his friends and enjoy his retirement. Fabio gets excited when it snows, which happens frequently in Ithaca, and he also loves treats! 

During his working days, Fabio ran in a team of 10 dogs. He preferred to be a wheel dog rather than a leader. Fabio and his team went on tours that consisted of 5 mile loops, lasting about one hour. These tours happened between one and three times every day. This past year, Fabio was completely retired and spent his time going on walks and playing in the play pen with his pals! 

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