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Cowboy hails from Ohio, along with Nugget and Tango. These three are best friends, and always play outside together along with Sirius. Cowboy is known to be a very handsome dog; his tall, pointy ears, his athletic build, and his beautiful black and speckled coat make him really stand out! 

Before coming to Cornell, Cowboy was a sprint dog. He ran in a team of 4-6 dogs, and participated in training 5 months before coming to join us. The runs he went on were usually about 6 miles, and Cowboy preferred to run as a wheel dog rather than a leader.

Cowboy is a real trooper. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, his spleen twisted in his abdomen (he developed "splenic torsion") which resulted in septic peritonitis. He was then subjected to a splenectomy, and spent a few days at Cornell's veterinary hospital. Currently, Cowboy is feeling much better and is back to playing with his buddies. Cowboy will stay with Vaika and participate in the longevity study, but due to his recent health issues, he might not participate in treadmill or pull-test training.

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