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Name: Totter

Gender: Female 

Birth Year: 2009


Totter joined our team all the way from Minnesota, along with Wanda, Lightning, Fabio, Inca, Tater, Natalie, Foz, Sugar, Newt, and Lady. Totter is a super sweet, quiet girl, who is unfortunately completely blind. She has a special collar that helps her not bump into things, and she lives with her bestie and litter mate Tater, who keeps her company and helps her navigate. Totter doesn’t let her blindness stop her from having fun though - she loves going outside with Tater and their other buddy Piston. 


Totter wasn’t always blind - during her sled dog days, she was a natural leader along with Tater. She worked on a team of 10 dogs that did daily five mile tours. These loops usually lasted about an hour and happened between one and three times per day. 

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