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Name: Smooth

Gender: Female

Birth Year: 2008


            Smooth hails from Alaska. She came to the east coast with Mayor, Munch, and Michelle. Smooth and her buddy Munch are lookalikes, except Munch is a bit bigger than Smooth. They are both pretty furry, and are really dark brown. At first it was hard to tell them apart! Smooth is super sweet and does a cute little wiggle when she is anticipating pets, and she has become a great listener as well!

            Prior to her life as a Cornellian, Smooth was a long distance sled dog. She and her team ran the famous Iditarod, which spans over 1,000 miles across Alaska and goes through all sorts of terrains, including mountains! Smooth was a great wheel dog and was always ready to work, but preferred not to be a leader.  

Smooth loves to participate in novel object behavior tests - she is among those dogs that enjoy to play with squeaky ducks and turtles.

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