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Brooke hails from Michigan, along with Shak, Anvik, Skwentna, Cisco, Koyuk, and Una. Brooke was super shy at first, but now she has come out of her shell and likes to politely ask for pets. She still doesn’t like too much attention, but enjoys a nice gentle ear scratch. She’s super sweet and gets along with all the other dogs. Although she came to us very furry, much like the rest of our clan, the blazing Ithacan summer encouraged her to shed out - now she has a nice trim coat! 


During her sled dog days, Brooke was a distance runner that ran primarily wilderness runs. There were fourteen dogs on her team, and although she wasn’t a leader, she made a great wheel dog. The year before she joined us, Brooke ran mostly trail runs that spanned about four hours. 

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