Quick is a sweet girl who hails from Montana. She came along with Red Cloud, Zest, Gojo, Tomcat, Muskrat, Cooter, Buddy, Comet, Granite, Yale, and Streak. She was super shy at first, but has warmed up so much to her new humans and dog friends. She loves to be bet outside and is even starting to get pretty playful, which we love to see. She has a signature move – when she wants more attention, she will poke her human’s backside with her nose as a way to ask for more pets. She has also come to enjoy the laid back life around here, and has put on quite a few pounds! But we hope that with treadmill training she will quickly get back into tip top shape!

Quick's boarding costs are 10$/day. We will keep supporting Quick “till all the seas gang dry, and the rocks melt with the sun”, but you can also help. Adopt Quick by subscribing to donate 5$ a month and you will receive monthly news on his

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