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Name: Typhoon 

Gender: Female 

Birth Year: 2009 


Typhoon is a sweet girl that came to us all the way from Alaska along with Copper, Winnie, Poly, and Fatso. She was really shy at first but has warmed up so much to her new home and people. She started out by coming up to us from behind and asking for pets, because she didn’t want too much attention right away. Now she hangs out around people as much as she can and whines if she isn’t getting all the pets! She has also made great improvements on the treadmill! 


Prior to coming to Cornell, Typhoon and her team ran glacier tours. These were about one mile long, and the team ran 3 times per day. The spring before her move, Typhoon ran 40 mile runs. She was not a leader but did well as a wheel dog!

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