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Koyuk came to us from Minnesota along with Una, Shak, Anvik, Cisco, Brooke, Skwetna, and Turbo. Initially he was very shy and tentative in his new home and around his new people, but he has warmed up so much in a short period of time. He now loves pets and scratches and is a great listener. He plays outside with Anvik and Shak.

Before moving to the east coast, Koyuk was a distance runner. He and his team went on long distance runs through the wilderness that were about 4 hours, then a break, then another 2 hours. His team even used to run the Iditarod! The team varied size, but was primarily around 11 dogs. Koyuk was able to run in the lead position, and his last run was in April of 2018!

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