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Name: Fatso 

Gender: Female 

Birth Year: 2009


Fatso is a super sweet girl that joined us all the way from Alaska along with Copper, Winnie, Typhoon, and Poly. She is a little on the stocky side, which is probably where her name came from, but she was one of the first dogs to be a superstar on the treadmill! She was shy at first, but quickly came to trust her new people and is always in a good mood! She is very friendly and loves getting pets and cuddles, and is a great listener too!


During her sled dog days, Fatso and her team did glacier tours! These happened three times per day and were one mile long. The spring before coming to Cornell, Fatso went on 40 mile runs. She is not a natural born leader, but could step up to the job when necessary! 

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