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Name: Cisco

Gender: Male 

Birth Year: 2008


Cisco is a big guy that joined us from Michigan with his pals Shak, Anvik, Skwentna, Brooke, Koyuk, and Una. He seems like a macho character, but in reality is super sweet and quiet. He plays outside with his girl group - Brooke, Una, Skwentna, and Winnie. Although he is friendly, he minds his own business for the most part. After trying the treadmill a few times, Cisco decided it wasn’t for him - but otherwise, he’s a great listener! 


Before coming to Cornell, Cisco was part of a wilderness distance sled dog team. During the year prior to joining Vaika, Cisco's team did mainly trail runs for practice which lasted about four hours. Cisco was a natural leader. 

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