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Name: Trapper

Gender: Male 

Birth Year: 2010


Tapper came to Cornell from Michigan with Guru, Axel, Duke, Maggie, and Piston. He is a super goofy guy. He’s always extremely excited about something - wagging his tail, running around in little circles, and licking everyone are some of his favorite hobbies. He has made great improvements on the treadmill. Initially, he was so overcome with excitement mixed with nervousness about this new activity, that his steps were very tiny and fast. But through some practice, he realized he can walk and trot on the treadmill just like he does outside! Trapper likes to play outside with Robin, and Tots. 


Before joining our team, Trapper was a mid distance sled dog. He and his team ran races that spanned anywhere from 40 to 300 miles long. Their training runs were about 8 to 10 miles long. Trapper was one of the natural leaders of his group. 

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