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Gojo came to us all the way from Montana, along with Zest, Red Cloud, Buddy, Muskrat, Comet, Cooter, Yale, Granite, Streak, and Quick.  Gojo was always sweet go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He got along with everyone, and loved food...We lost Gojo in May of 2021 to hepatocellular carcinoma.

Gojo was one of the first dogs in our program to receive full body CT scan. It revealed a large mass in his spleen, which we thought to be a tumor. Gojo then underwent surgery in which his tumor was removed. While the humans worried in anticipation of his pathology report, Gojo recovered and acted like the happiest puppy on the block. We were relieved to find out that the tumor turned out to be lymphoid hyperplasia: a benign enlargement of the lymph node which probably occurred due to a long gone infection. Gojo was lucky that this was caught and removed; though benign, such lymphoid hyperplasias in the spleen are a common cause of hematomas in dogs and can rapture, leading to internal bleeding.  This finding and procedure allowed Gojo to stay with us for 2 happy years. Due to this health implications he did not participate in treadmill or pull-test training, however enjoyed outdoors activities and behavior tests.

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