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Ian is one of our friendliest guys. He comes from Isabella, Minnesota, along with Irish, Ike, Robin, Tots, Ivy, Iva, Inka, and Ira. Ian wags his tail more than any other dog, and is best known for his wiggling, hopping, and tail wagging dance that is performed when he sees his food bowl being filled. Ian’s roommate and buddy is Inka, but Ian loves spending time with people the most.

            As a sled dog, Ian was one of the natural leaders. Along with his team, he ran in the 2018 Fur Rondy, which is known as the Super Bowl of sled dog racing for being the biggest spring race for competitive mushers. Normally he ran 10 mile runs with a team of 18 dogs, or 4 mile runs with a 6 dog team. Ian received one month off from training prior to coming to Cornell.

            Ian has passed his physical and began training for the treadmill.

We have never considered Ian as a shy dog, but during cognitive tests he revealed himself as quite a timid fellow: he spent all of the time in the corner of the room, and didn't show much interest nor in toys, nor in novel human friend, nor in the mirror. Noteworthy he seemed more comfortable when human was present in a room. 

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