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Piney came from Alaska along with Cash. She is a friendly, happy girl, and she loves to give hugs. She almost always comes up for a hug as soon as she is let out for playtime. Outside, she likes spending time with Cash, Cashew, Kansas, Piper, and Clyde. Piney is part of our black and orange bundle: her, Cash, and Clyde all have very similar coloring, with jet black bodies and a bit of orange fur on their faces and around their paws (except Clyde is a little fatter than the girls).

            Prior to coming to Cornell, Piney was a distance runner, and she even ran the Iditarod. She was last in training in April of 2018, and was very fast. She was able to step into the leader position when necessary, but ran her best amidst the team. She is known to have high endurance and stress tolerance, and to have a very strong work ethic!

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