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Willow, along with Walter, Beech, Sissy, Siris, and Roxy, came to us from Michigan. She and Walter are best pals, and are very unique. Although lots of our dogs have more of a hound-like appearance, Walter and Willow are both very large, short furred, and have black and white coats similar to a cow’s. Willow, like Walter, is a great listener and very well behaved overall! They both enjoy people’s attention and pets! Moreover Willow is among those dogs that love spending time with novel people in our behavior tests (see yourself)

Before coming to Cornell, Willow was a sprint dog. She and his team ran in the Open class and the Fur Rondy in teams of 6-10 dogs. Willow ran best as a wheel dog but could fill in the lead position when need be. She was actively running this past season before joining Vaika's team

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