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Tonks is an energetic girl that came to us from Alaska all by herself. She has gotten along very well with a bigger group containing Typhoon, Fatso, Polly, Schooner, and Copper. She even shares her kennel with Fatso! Tonks is usually on the move and always curious! She and Schooner like to play outside, especially when there’s snow on the ground.

As a sled dog, Tonks ran distance. She did everything from mid-distance all the way up to the Iditarod. In races, she ran either in 12 or 16 dog teams, and for training it was usually between 10 and 18, sometimes even 20 dog teams. She normally ran 60, sometimes 80 mile runs. Tonks and her team usually ran at about 8-10 miles per hour. She preferred to be a back-of-the-pack dog rather than a leader, and trained up until the year she came to us!

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