Clyde is a huge goofball. He came to us from Alaska a big, fluffy group of boys including Titan, Logger, Foam, Barley, Pilot, Avalanche, and Ale. Clyde is very wiggly and mischievous, always trying to wiggle his way into somewhere he’s not supposed to be. He loves pets and attention from people, but similar to his buddy Avalanche, gets so excited that he starts wiggling and jumping in circles. He is a very fluffy guy, which makes him look like a big black puff ball!

            Before arriving at Cornell, Clyde and his team were mid-distance runners. They had a bit of time off before moving here, but competed in the 2017 season!

Clyde's boarding costs are 10$/day. We will keep supporting Clyde “till all the seas gang dry, and the rocks melt with the sun”, but you can also help. Adopt Clyde by subscribing to donate 5$ a month and you will receive monthly news on his

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