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Name: Ayn

Gender: Female

Birth year: 2011

Origin: Willow, AK


Ayn is our little gray bullet. She came from Alaska along with Zala and Caramel, and she is one of our most energetic dogs. She is sleek and fast and is known for zooming around in the playpen outside. The only thing she will stop for are snuggles, she even knows how to give real hugs!

During her racing days, Ayn was a mid-distance runner. She and her team were usually in the open class, running 26 mile runs. She ran her best when in the middle of the team rather than in the lead. Prior to joining Vaika, Ayn got to help her musher in training young puppies.


Out of all of the things near and dear to her heart, Ayn seems to cherish food the most. It appears she has created a little game with us, always trying to sneak into other dogs' kennels to retrieve some leftover food before running outside for playtime.

While some dogs needed some time to get acquainted with the treadmill, Ayn was ready to run from the very first time she stepped on it. Therefore she soon became our treadmill and pull test “hotshot”: she runs so hard and fast on the treadmill which allows us to try pretty much anything without any of it phasing her. She always serves as our model dog when we want to show off our treadmill, and we have put her in various test harnesses with all kinds of monitors to try out different systems to collect heart rate in the past. She’s always happy to show off to an audience, but even in the absence of an audience she is extremely loveable and just always wants to climb onto people’s laps.

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