Ayn is our little gray bullet. She came from Alaska along with Zala and Caramel, and she is one of our most energetic dogs. She is sleek and very fast, and is known for zooming around in the playpen outside. However, she will always stop to get some snuggles because she loves to be pet and scratched all over. She is extremely sweet, and even knows how to give hugs!

During her racing days, Ayn was a mid-distance runner. She and her team were usually in the open class, running 26 mile runs. She ran her best when in the middle of the team rather than in the lead. Her and her friends got to help their musher train young puppies this past year!


Ayn loved the treadmill! While some dogs need some time to get acquainted with the treadmill, Ayn was ready to run from the very first time she stepped on it. Go Ayn!

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