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Behavioral Tests

Why Behavioral Testing In Dogs Is Necessary


If we take better care of our pets, they live longer. However, even the best care doesn’t save them from common aging diseases. This is also true for brain function.


If you think about the aging symptoms in dogs, you will notice that they are quite similar to those in humans. For example, both humans and dogs, as they get older, experience memory decline, reduced learning ability, and other indications of brain aging. 

Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Disease indeed have a lot in common. In particular, the pathogenesis of both diseases is associated with the accumulation of β-amyloid protein in senile plaques in the brain. 




Cognitive dysfunction may not be strongly reflected in dogs’ behavior, but it can manifest as other abnormalities, e.g., changes in sleep-wake cycle, leading to more profound physiological changes. It commonly develops in 20% of dogs after 11 years of age.

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