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Ivy, who hails from Isabella, Minnesota, along with Iva, Irish, Ike, Ira, Inka, Ian, Robin, and Tots, is one of our shyest girls. She likes to take some extra time getting to know what’s going on, and also takes her time getting to know new people. Despite being reserved, Ivy is extremely sweet and loves a gentle scratch behind the ear once she has gotten to know you. She and her best friend and roommate, Iva, are very similar, and like to stick together!


As a sled dog, Ivy ran mostly 10 mile races in a team of 18 dogs. Sometimes the teams were smaller, consisting of 6 dogs, and the races spanned 4 miles. Along with her fellow Isabella dogs, Ivy ran in the Fur Rondy in February of 2018, the biggest sprint race for competitive mushers. Although Ivy preferred to follow, she was able to step up to the challenge of being a team leader when need be!


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