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Who We Are

We are a group of scientists working to prolong the lifespan and healthspan of domestic mammals. To do this we have established Vaika, a not-for-profit entity, where collaborators from multiple esteemed institutions can study the mechanisms of aging and create approaches to prevent it together.


We believe that we have already found the approach to extend the lifespan, and, even more importantly, healthspan, of dogs.

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The Dog Aging Study

While there is a growing body of studies devoted to aging in humans, and extensive research on laboratory mice, very little is known about the biology of aging in our closest friends - dogs.

Our first goal is to address this lack of knowledge. We will observe and thoroughly describe the process of natural aging in a population of senior sled dogs. The resulting data will provide extensive information on the aging of the immune system and the correlation between genetic events and longevity or healthspan.

Our second goal is to test our anti-aging approach. While proven safe, our treatment has not yet been tested for efficacy. As we are confident that the treatment is safe, we aim to administer it to dogs that are in need of it right now, and see if they will live longer and healthier lives. 


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Meet Our Dogs

All our senior dogs are veterans of various sled dogs races. They are now living in peaceful retirement at Vaika's dog facility. We have recruited them from various kennels across North America, and will be their hosts and caretakers for the rest of their lives. As they are accustomed to and fond of physical exercise, they will continue to with treadmill and stationary sled exercises.


Some of them look like huskies, or even wolves, and some resemble hounds. Click below to meet them, read their stories, and watch their daily activities.

Our Dogs

Support Our Work

Our multidisciplinary approach to studying canine aging and cancer is possible thanks to a partnership with leading researchers from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center; the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell and North Carolina State Universities. Your donation will support and expand the crucial infrastructure and research activities in the program of Aging and Cancer Studies in Dogs.

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