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Unfortunately, we lost Google to cancer (lymphoma) in June of 2020. Google was a sweet and friendly boy who was deeply loved by all of our staff and students. He would happily follow you around all day, showing off his loyal companionship just staying by your side.

Google was a northerner who came to us from Ontario, Canada, along with his buddy Bucko. He had very blue eyes and his fur was nearly white- he was a very handsome boy!

It took some time, but Google became very good on the treadmill. At first, he was pretty stubborn and would just stop when he got bored, and usually required treats to keep going. He eventually broke this habit, and did very well with both the treadmill and weight pull.

Prior to coming to Cornell, Google was a mid-distance runner. Like Bucko, he ran races of about 50 miles in a team of 10 to 14 dogs. He preferred to run as a wheel dog, not a leader.

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